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Becoming One’s True Self Through Love and Relationship

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Human beings are first and foremost receptive; we then pass on to others what we ourselves have received.  In this presentation, Dr. Kolodziejczak ties this dynamic into the Catholic philosophical understanding of the person as substance and relation, and then focuses on this dynamic with regard to love and the psychological construct of the self, with an emphasis on empathic attunement and verbal and nonverbal communication. Drawing from attachment theory, developmental neurobiology, self-psychology, Conrad Baars’s work on affirmation, and Karen Horney’s conceptualization of the self and its distortions, this presentation examines the development of affect regulation and the self, as well as compensatory mechanisms (the false self) that often arise in response to deficient socio-emotional environments.  The false self in turn keeps the person trapped in vicious cycles that undermine the capacity for psychological growth and authentic love.  The almost universal spiritual concept of the True Self is offered as the ultimate goal of psychological development and the deepest foundation of authentic love.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain how a Catholic understanding of the self differs from a secular view of the self.
  2. Identify the place of love within the Catholic understanding of the self.
  3. Discuss how love affects the development of the self.