DMU Certificates

Our Story

Our Mission: To train and equip all those called to heal others that are struggling with mental, emotional and relational disorders by combining the uniquely Catholic understanding of the person, marriage and family with best practices in the psychological sciences.

Our Vision: To heal the culture, by broadly extending the university’s reach beyond our full-time graduate school programs to include certification programs for individuals, parents, and “first responders,” as well as continuing education programs for counseling staff, therapists, and other mental health professionals.

Our Story: In 1999, a group of psychologists and academicians saw the immense need for an institution of higher education that could bring psychology into harmony with the truth and wisdom of the Catholic-Christian vision of the human person, a life of virtue and moral values. Mental health professionals that are grounded in an understanding of the nature and dignity of the human person can bring people to deeper levels of healing, and in effect, transform society on a greater level.