Foundational Review Marriage & Family

Helping Couples in Distress

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Price: $100.00
Duration: 50 min.
CE Credits: Not Eligible for CE Credit

When a marriage is in trouble, what is in danger is not just the good of two individuals, or even of a sacrament, but it is the nature of the family itself that is threatened. As history has shown, when a marriage in distress breaks down, the pain not only affects the one couple, but also tragically overflows onto an entire family tree, often for generations.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

1. Understand what marital distress looks like and be aware of the various forms in which a priest, a ministering couple, or a family friend may encounter it. This includes understanding what underlies this distress and what exactly is happening between the couple:

    • How they behave or treat each other
    • How they think about each other
    • What is going on physiologically inside the couple (how each one feels inside)


2. Learn a number of important principles or tools to use when helping a distressed couple to bring out their better sides, and also to develop a sense of hope that something can be done for them, and by them. Such hope can serve to motivate them to seek further professional and spiritual help to heal their marriage.