Connect With a Catholic Perspective

Ever feel overwhelmed as you strive to bring a Catholic-Christian perspective to the increasing number of people suffering from anxiety, depression, marital difficulties, addictions and other disorders?

Divine Mercy University is bringing together scientific psychology’s theoretical and empirically-based knowledge with philosophical and theological insights about the person from the Catholic faith.

We show non-professionals how they can develop empathy skills and the ability to recognize and refer those who need help to the right professional.

We also help professionals gain insights into not only how to treat psychological disorders, but also how to help clients develop virtues and flourish as human beings. By understanding the whole person, we believe that clinicians can provide more effective treatment and true healing to those in their care.

“Only a Christian anthropology, enriched by the contribution of indisputable scientific data, including that of modern psychology and psychiatry, can offer a complete and thus realistic view of humans.”
— Blessed Pope John Paul II, Address to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota (1995)