IPS Online Education

Our Story

Our Mission: To train and equip all those called to heal others that are struggling with mental, emotional and relational disorders by combining the uniquely Catholic understanding of the person, marriage and family with the best practices in the psychological sciences.

Our Vision: To heal the culture, by broadly extending the Institute’s reach beyond offering full-time graduate school programs in psychology to include web-based training and certification programs for individuals, parents and “first responders,” as well as continuing education programs for counseling staff, therapists  and other mental health professionals.

Our Story: The IPS Online Education Program marks a return to our roots as well as a new beginning for the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. In 1997, several Catholic psychologists gathered like-minded practitioners to discuss how to integrate their Catholic faith into the practice of psychology while simultaneously earning Continuing Education (CE) units. After several very successful years, they felt called to embark on a much larger project: a graduate school of psychology, where they could train aspiring therapists in the best of clinical psychology founded upon truths about the human person from philosophy and theology. In 1999, the Institute for the Psychological Sciences opened its doors and began providing master’s and doctoral degrees.

Thirteen years and more than 100 graduates later (and thanks to a number of technological advances), we are now able to expand the IPS Learning Model beyond our physical campus, across the country and around the world. The IPS Online Education Program is the response to a continuous clamor from mental health practitioners as well as priests and other pastoral ministers as well as lay men and women looking for the kind of training and insights only found at IPS.

Now, any day or time zone, no matter your schedule, you can access experts in the mental health field addressing critical and timely issues in a practical and engaging format, to improve your skills and learn new ones and better serve those in your care or become a resource person helping to meet the needs of those close to you among family and friends.

We look forward to having you join our mission.