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Stay on top of your field with IPS Online Education—the new, affordable on-demand webinar training program for Catholic therapists, counselors, clergy, and family life ministers.

Why IPS Online Education?

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IPS Online Education delivers state-of-the-art knowledge, on a wide variety of topics, from the nation’s leading Catholic mental health experts—respected professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise.

Purchase a low-cost annual membership and get instant, unlimited access to hours and hours of insights, advice, and case studies that you can apply to your practice or ministry right now. New webinars and topics are added every month. Licensed mental health practitioners can earn Continuing Education credits, too!

Our high-quality multimedia webinars will keep you engaged and informed. They combine professionally produced videos with synchronized presentations. Watch the presenter and follow along with the slides simultaneously! Use any computer, tablet or mobile phone, with any browser!

Here’s a sampling of the skills we’ll help you build:

  • How to effectively counsel distressed couples and build solid marriages.
  • How to foster healthy relationships between parents and their children.
  • How to treat men and women struggling with pornography and other addictions.
  • How to give people tools to deal with anger and move toward forgiveness.
  • How to bring healing and meaning to clients suffering from grief and loss.

Online Education from a Trusted Source.

Dr. Paul Vitz teaching a class at IPS

Therapists, counselors, social workers, teachers, clergy and family life ministers have been clamoring for this type of training. Best of all, it comes from a trusted source: IPS. Our well-respected graduate degree program unites the latest psychological and clinical training with a Catholic/Christian understanding of the human person.

IPS is helping professionals meet the growing demand in today’s culture for therapists who respect the dignity and uniqueness of every client. We’re bringing together psychology’s scientific and empirically-based knowledge with philosophical and theological insights about the person from the Catholic faith.

We emphasize not only the treatment of psychological disorders, but also how to help clients develop virtues and flourish as human beings. By understanding the whole person, we believe clinicians can provide more effective treatment.

What Experts and Members are Saying.

IPS Online Education offers a cogent, practical opportunity to apply the best of psychology and the Catholic faith for clients, in the midst of so many CEU offerings out there. As the Director of a Catholic mental health clinic, I really appreciate how the webinar format enables our staff to discuss the relevant topics and practical applications which are pertinent to our practice.
– Kathleen Gallagher, Director, Alpha Omega Clinic, Bethesda, Maryland.

I am totally amazed at your online education modules. It is truly a blessing to see faithful Catholic institutions keeping up with the distance learning trends of our society by offering useful materials at affordable prices.
– Bob Laird, Director of Programs, Cardinal Newman Society, Manassas, Virginia

My experience with the IPS webinars has been outstanding. They are informative, educational and offer opportunities to strengthen my knowledge and skills as a clinician.  Thank you for providing us with this venue to strengthen our commitment as Catholic therapists.
– Mary Lou, Georgia.

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